About Us

The PTBC was formed in 1975, by a group of bowlers
who wished to establish the first scratch tour in the UK.

We strive to provide the very best scratch bowling in the UK.

Whilst the PTBC was born in 1975, the mantle was passed to a new team in 2004, whose aim was to energise and revitalise, not only the PTBC but scratch bowling in the UK.

Continuing to provide Team England ranking events, the tour was expanded geographically across the country, visting new centres along with existing. Bromborough and Sheffield in the North, along with Maldon and Romford in the South. New formats, and lane patterns were introduced in the first year.

It was also at this time that plans were made to re-introduce an National Open tournament after the sad loss of the British Open. The English Open was put on the table, and introduced the tour for the first time as the Storm English Open in 2005. In the following years, the English Open joined the European Bowling Tour, and has been filmed for Sky Sports.

Our Team

  • Andy James
    Andy James

    Andy has served on the PTBC committee since we took over from the ‘old’ PTBC in 2005.
    Andy has been instrumental in the day-to-day organising of the events up-to and including the running and management of events on the day. Andy has also been key in the conception and building of the English Open which has enjoyed 3 years on the EBT Tour. Andy also played a key role in bringing TV to the PTBC, with the televising of the English Open and signing a deal with Matchroom Sport which saw the PTBC Master's winners appear on the World Tenpin Masters.

    Andy is a keen bowler, enjoying scratch league bowling at least once-a-week with the odd tournament here and there!

    Voted as Volunteer of the Year 2008, Andy can often be found representing the BTBA internationally as their congress delegate, and was delighted to be recently appointed to the World Bowling Membership Working Group by World Bowling President Kevin Dornberger. 

  • Lisa John
    Lisa John
    Tour Secretary / Ladies Representative

    The first of the PTBC’s new posts & appointments is the highly respected Lisa John. Lisa, a multiple national & international champion, is taking on the role of secretary and has also undertaken the task of focusing on the ladies side of the tournaments. Primarily looking at ways of increasing participation, and bringing a ladies perspective to the committee and the decision making process.


  • Dean Keeble
    Dean Keeble
    Tour Treasurer / Events co-ordinator

    Dean began bowling when he started university in 2001, and quickly realised he was not destined to be one of the greats of the sport. Instead, he turned his attention to the organisational side of tournament play, and in 2005 got involved with the university bowling tour. In 2008 he helped with his first PTBC event—the English Open—and he also spent several years working on the junior version of this prestigious event. Dean is also the Warwickshire secretary, the tournament manager for the adult county finals, and the founder of the hugely successful FBLPG tour. He joins the PTBC as events co-ordinator and treasurer.

  • Ross Gibson
    Ross Gibson
    Technical Director

    Our final new appointment for 2013 is Ross Gibson, who’s reputation in the bowling industry is second to none. Ross has also been a supporter of competitive bowling in the UK for a number of years, and the PTBC Tour are proud to have his continued support. Ross will oversee the lane conditioning for the 2013 tour and will make the final decision on the patterns used. Ross has been helping the PTBC for a number of years, and we would like to thank not only Ross, but also Bowltech who has been able to make it viable for Ross to attend our events in the fast, and also in the future. “”

  • Rob Thurlby
    Rob Thurlby
    Committee Member

    Rob has served on the PTBC committee since 2005, initially as Vice President then taking on the role of President in 2007.
    For the most part he has a limited role but now wishes to take a more active role in the organising the PTBC & events in the coming year. “For the most-part I’ve had little to do owing to the team of Andy and Alex having systems in place and getting on with the job at hand. Now with Alex’s decision to focus on his family and business and stepping down from the committee I feel it’s time for me to stand up and support the PTBC team more in the future, a challenge I’m looking forward to. Obviously it’s a very difficult time on the tournament scene, but I hope the measures and appointments we have made will arrest the decline, and we can even try to grow the entries in the coming events. I must say a massive thank you to Alex for all of the often thankless work that goes into the running of the PTBC tour, and of course wish him every success with every endeavour.

  • Alex Hamilton
    Alex Hamilton
    Committee Member

    Alex was part of the 2005 'New PTBC' takeover team, and has been a huge part of the PTBC's development. Family and Business commitments saw him having to step down from day to day activity, but Alex has remained a key part of the team, with his extensive knowledge of and commitment to the sport proving invaluable to the team.

  • Alex Hamilton
    Elliot Crosby
    Committee Member

    Elliot is a new member of the committee, having expressed an interest in being a part of the team. Elliot's knowledge of the sport will undoubtedly be of great benefit to the PTBC alongside his profession in accounting, Elliot will become involved in the financial aspects of the PTBC alongside treasurer, Dean Keeble.

  • Jamie Bottomley
    Jamie Bottomley
    Committee Member

    Jamie joins us, as a new member of the committee. Jamie is well respected not only for his bowling capabilities but also in the industry as a technician behind the scenes.