The tournament is sanctioned by the B.T.B.A. and it’s general playing and tournament rules will govern this event together with the rules of the P.T.B.C and the following special rules.

The tournament shall be in one section: with ladies receiving a 5 pin bonus per game.
The event will be fives throughout. This is not a re-entry tournament. 


Qualifying: In Round one, all teams shall bowl six games, with the total team score including any bonuses being used to decide the qualifiers for the match-play final. In the event of a tie for the last place in the qualifying rounds, the team with the lowest game including any bonuses shall be dropped.
Finals: The top 4 teams from the qualifying shall play a 1 game single elimination seeded match play bracket.
In the event of a tie in the single elimination rounds, a one ball roll-off between the two anchor players will break the tie.
In the event of a tie in the final round for first place, a further game will be played to break the tie.

Members of other recognised associations must be able to present valid membership cards for their association.  No provision will be made for expired/lapsed memberships.
Non members will be permitted to play on the payment of a fine equivalent to full membership of the BTBA. 

Non-members will not be eligible to receive points towards entry into the Championships. 

Proof of membership from the BTBA Website may be used in lieu of production of a BTBA Card.

BTBA Tour Ranking points will only be awarded to current members of the BTBA.
Men's and Ladies individual scratch scores from qualifying will be used to decide BTBA Tour Ranking Points.

Dress and Appearance. Bowlers shall maintain an acceptable level of appearance at all times.
The wearing of denim jeans, t-shirts, vest tops, shorts (for men) is strictly forbidden. A bowling shirt must be worn.

The tournament committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry and in all disputes and protests, the committees decision shall be final, subject to appeal to the BTBA. A provisional ball shall be rolled if a dispute relating to pin-fall cannot be resolved on the spot.
Protests must be made verbally within 20 minutes and confirmed in writing to the tournament manager within three days.

All score sheets must be maintained and signed by an opponent from the same pair of lanes (defined where possible as the player playing directly opposite on the same pair) as well as the player. The opposing person signing is responsible for the accuracy of the information recorded. Failure to do so may lead to the loss of ranking points and/or disqualification from the tournament.

No bowler will be permitted to smoke and/or drink any alcoholic beverage whilst their squad is in progress.

Registration shall be 45 minutes before squad roll-off time.

The tournament manager will be Andy James (email mob 07976 922779), or get in touch through Facebook or Twitter.

Entry Form: Entries will only be accepted through our online entry form, which can be found at

Payment: The entry fee shall be £65 per person (£325 per team). Payment should be made in cash at registration on the day of the event. There will also be an optional additional prize fund available on the day.

Any team submitting an entry form but failing to show up will jeopardise their right to play in future PTBC events.  

Squad Time:     Sunday 10:00am (3 games) followed by a lane re-dress, then 1:30pm (3 games)

Bowlers should indicate their preferred squad at the time of online entry. Squads will be allocated on a first come-first served basis,  although if some bowlers’ preferred squads cannot be allocated then those living within 80 miles of the centre will be reallocated squads first. Bowlers will be notified of any reallocation two weeks before the start of the event, after which empty spaces will  filled entirely on a first come-first served basis.