English Open 2018

2018 will be the 13th edition of The English Open. It will once again be hosted by Stroud Bowl, in Gloucestershire. The well equipped modern 16 lane centre is situated at the foot of the Cotswold Hills. Itself a market town that attracts tourism from across the world.

We are pleased to announce that Coors will sponsor the tournament, and we would like to thank our hosts Stroud Bowl for their assistance in connecting Coors with the English Open.

English Open - News Updates

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Player List

Jason Agate England
Natasja Ailes England
Jamie Alder England
Isabel Allen England
Jo Allsebrook England
Jay Anonuevo England
Dan Balsom England
Craig Barrett England
Rhys Bean England
Mia Bewley England
Joshua Buckett England
Carl Buckley England
Liam Cambridge England
Matt Chamberlain England
Lee Chatfield England
Matthew Clayton England
Mark Coles England
Thomas Copeland England
Elliot Crosby England
Danny Davies England
Leon Devlin England
Katie Finnigan England
Liam Fitzpatrick England
James Footner Wales
Steven Gill Scotland
Brian Gillespie Scotland
John Glasscoe England
Jay Goodwin England
Jamie Gore England
Matt Hall England
Samantha Hannan England
Andrew James England
Darren Knape England
Danny Lalley England
Amanda Larkin Ireland
Chris Maddock England
Laura Marcham England
Chris Matthews England
Alex McCarthy England
Gaye McCully South Africa
Michael Mcgreal Isle of Mann
Darren Michael England
Adam Michaels England
Hadley Morgan England
Chris Oates England
Alex Pates England
Glen Relph England
Glen Richardson England
Brandon Roberts England
Peter Rogers England
Sam Rose England
Clare Shave England
Jack Sparkes England
Garry Sykes England
Kirk Taylor England
Rob Thurlby England
Steph Tilson England
Tom Walster-Prince England
Billy Warnes England
Daniel Wenner England
Daniel Winstanley Isle of Mann