Format & Rules


The event will be held at Stroud Bowl, Merrywalks Centre, Stroud, England GL5 1QA from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th September 2018.

The general playing rules and tournament rules of the British Tenpin Bowling Association will govern the tournament and it will be sanctioned by the BTBA (18/0088).


Only members who are in good standing with their national association are eligible to enter.


The tournament shall be scratch, except that lady entrants shall receive 5 pins bonus per game.


– based on 70 first entries
Qualifying consists of 6 games, with bowlers changing lanes after each game. Re-entries are unlimited subject to availability, and also consist of 6 games. 32 Players will qualify for the finals.
A: The 4 players positioned 1 to 4 from the general standing.
B: The 22 players positioned 5 to 26 from the general standing. C: The 2 players under 21 years old, with the highest six game total.
D: 2 Players from Turbo A (games 1 to 3) E: 2 Players from the Turbo B (games 4 to 6)
Players are qualified from the categories in the order ABCDE. 


Entries should be made at least 30 minutes before squad bowls, and at the latest by 8:15pm on Saturday 28th September 2019. Entrants are expected to submit the entry fee for their squad, in cash, at registration for that squad. The tournament committee reserve the right to accept or reject entries and its decision on all matters shall be final, subject to the right of appeal to the B.T.B.A. Bowlers preferences for squad times will be considered where possible, but priority will be given to long distance travellers for the later squads on all days. 


The highest score in games 1 to 3 and 4 to 6 will be used to create 2 separate Turbo standings. Scores from players already qualified in groups A,B,C are automatically removed from the Turbo Standings. This means the Turbo qualifying scores can go up or down during the tournament. Turbo A refers to the highest individual game score in games 1 to 3. Turbo B refers to the highest individual game score in games 4 to 6. Registration and payment should be made at registration, and at the latest before the entrant bowls their first ball of the related squad (i.e. Entering during practice is allowed). Turbo is optional, and unlimited multiple entries are allowed per player.


Seeding for the final step 1-2
Players positioned 1-4 in the general standing (qualification route A) will be guaranteed to qualify for Final Step 2, and will be seeded in positions 1-4 for Final step 2.
Final Step 1
28 players will play 4 games starting from scratch. (Groups B, C, D & E) 16 players will progress to Final step 2: the top 4 seeds from qualifying and the 12 highest placed remaining players.
Final Step 2
Round 1
16 Players, qualified from Final Step 2 will play a best of three, head to head matchplay, with the 8 winning players progressing to the Round 2.
Round 2
The 8 winning players from round 1 will play a best of three, head to head matchplay, with the 4 winning players progressing to Round 3.
Round 3
The 4 winning players from round 3 will play a best of three, head to head matchplay, with the 2 winning players progressing to Round 4.
Round 4
The 2 winning players from round 3 will play a best of three, head to head matchplay. The winner will be declared the English Open 2018 champion.


Qualification and Final Step 1.
In case of a tie, the highest ranked player will be the player with the highest last game. If a tie still exists the highest ranked player will be the player with the highest second last game, then the player with the highest third last game etc. Turbo In case of tie in one of the Turbo standings, the highest positioned player will be the player with the highest position after the qualification. 
Final Step 2
In the case of a tie during the best-of-three, round of 16, round of 8, and round of 4, a ninth and tenth frame roll-off will be used to decide the winner. 
In the case of a tie during the matchplay final to determine 1st and 2nd place, a further game will be played between the 2 tied players.

10. Withdrawal

At all times, a player wishing to withdraw from the tournament must seek the permission of the tournament manager.


Entry Fees are listed in the schedule.
1st Entry fees include £52.00 Prize Fund, £2.00 Tournament Sanction Fee.
Re-Entry fees include £36.00 Prize Fund.
Youth players (Under 21), receive a £10 discount on entry and re-entry fee’s and those entries will contribute £10 less p/entry to the prize fund. (£42 and £26 respectively).
Turbo Fee £10
All Prize Fund will be returned in full.


All participants must register at least 30 minutes before their squad time, and present their B.T.B.A or National Association Card.


Scores will be kept on official score sheets and must be countersigned by an opponent.


All bowlers will wear a suitable bowling shirt. No jeans will be allowed. Failure to comply may result in disqualification without refund.


A provisional ball will be bowled in the case of a dispute. All protests must be made within one hour and confirmed in writing within 72 hours.




1st £1,250 GUARANTEED
2nd £600
3rd - 4th £325
5th - 8th £200
9th - 16th £140
17th - 32nd £80


Based on: 66 1st Entries, 36 re-entries, and 65 Turbo Entries.
Prizes may be increased or decreased relative to entries.


Bowlers will be expected to bowl as soon as the approaches on his/her immediate right and left are clear. Excessive slow play may result in disqualification after warning.

18. UNDER 21’S

Youths under the age of 21 on the 29th of September 2019 will receive a discounted entry and re-entries. The top 2 bowlers in the youth category, not already qualified in qualification groups A+B, will qualify for final step one.