PTBC Tour Points - New System For 2013

Current Tour Points

2013 Tour Points

An objective for the 2013 season was to review the tour points system. In previous years the system in use had been the same as used on PBA tour, with a season ending masters event.

In recent years we have experienced problems with finding a suitable date for the masters final, given that this would fall at the end of the season which would mean we would always be very close to Christmas and the new year.

We were fortunate enough also for a number of years to be in a position to award the winner of the PTBC Tour Masters a place in the World Tenpin Masters, shown on Sky Sports. With the sad cancellation of the World Tenpin Masters, the allure of the PTBC Masters waned to the point where the event was regularly run with bowlers having declined their invitations to take part. With this in mind, the committee have taken the decision from the 2013 season to award cash prizes to the final finishing positions in the PTBC Tour rankings, without running the Masters event. This will also free-up additional cash to pay to the bowlers which would have been spent on paying a host centre lineage, usually in the region of £300.

We also wished to make the points system simpler to understand for everyone, so points could be calculated easily on the day, and a system that would give greater reward to bowlers who win larger events. With this in mind the following system will be in place from the 1st event of 2013.

Points System

Points will be awarded from 1 point for the lowest placed bowler increasing by 1 point per position up to the highest placed bowler. There will then be bonus points awarded to the top 10 bowlers in the standings. ( The standings used will be the same set that would be used by the BTBA for the TE rankings, so example would be at the end of round 1 in a mixed ‘open’ event or Matchplay event. )

The Bonus points are awarded as followed –

1st Place          -           Place points + 150% of entry number

2nd Place          -           Place points + 125% of entry number

3rd Place          -           Place points + 100% of entry number

4th Place          -           Place points + 75% of entry number

5th Place          -           Place points + 60% of entry number

6th Place          -           Place points + 50% of entry number

7th Place          -           Place points + 40% of entry number

8th Place          -           Place points + 30% of entry number

9th Place          -           Place points + 20% of entry number

10 Place          -           Place points + 10% of entry number

An example would be an event with 60 bowlers would be 1st Place getting 150 points, 2nd – 134 points, 3rd – 118 points, 4th – 102 points, 5th – 92 points, 6th – 85 points, 7th – 78 points, 8th – 71 points, 9th – 64 points, 10th – 57 points, 11th – 50 points, 12th – 49 points, 13th – 48 points, 14th 47 points etc.......

There will be separate mens and ladies tables, with the top 6 places in the men’s standings and top 3 in the ladies standing being paid out. This will be paid out immediately after the final event of the year. The revenue for this payout will be raised by taking £3 per entry from each event. The payout will be as follows - :

MENS – 1st Place – 35% of the pot, 2nd Place – 23%, 3rd Place – 17%, 4th Place – 12%, 5th Place – 8%, 6th Place – 5%  

LADIES – 1st Place – 55% of the pot, 2nd Place – 30% of the pot, 3rd Place – 15% of the pot.